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First Class Garden Supplies in South London

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The Full Story

Croxted Road Garden Centre. Established with a deep-rooted passion for cultivating beauty, our garden centre has blossomed into a haven for plant enthusiasts and landscaping experts alike.

At the heart of our story is a commitment to fostering a love for nature and empowering individuals to create their own beautiful gardens. Founded in 1969, Croxted Road Garden Centre has grown from a modest seedling into a flourishing destination for all things horticultural. Our journey has been guided by a dedicated team of horticulturists, landscape designers, and gardening enthusiasts who share a common vision – to transform spaces into thriving, green retreats.

We believe that every garden is a unique expression of its caretaker's personality and preferences. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just discovering the joys of planting, our garden centre is designed to cater to all levels of expertise.


We champion sustainable and eco-friendly practices, offering a diverse selection of top-quality plants, gardening supplies, and expert advice to help you succeed in your green endeavors.

We have a friendly atmosphere and pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a professional service. We sell a wide range of high-quality indoor and outdoor plants.

 We also stock all garden products, including garden tools, feed and compost. If your desired item is not in stock we will strive to order what you want. We try to have colourful plants available the whole year round and seasonal plants in stock when you would like them. Please come and have a look around. We are also the longest established garden centre in South East London.

Join us on this green journey at Croxted Road Garden Centre. Get in touch via contact number, email or using the submission form on our contact page!


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